Free-movers (INCOMING)

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The Centre for International Cooperation receives from foreign applicants quite numerous requests to enrol for short periods of time (1-2 months). The legal status of these students is unclear; they are not enlisted at the Ministry of Education and consequently no order for enrolment can be issued. This is due to the fact that according to legal requirements, only self-sponsored foreign students can be issued an order for enrolment, (the fee is due in advance for an entire academic year, without the possibility of paying for each examination).

Due to the need of defining a status for these students, the following are suggested:

  1. "Free mover" students shall be accepted in the framework of cooperation agreements with other universities, on a mutual basis and within the limit specified in the agreement;

  2. "Free mover" students mentioned at pt. one, may attend courses, may take examinations and will be issued a proof of study, according to their status and the legal requirements;

  3. "Free mover" students coming within the framework of cooperation agreements, even if they will not be properly enrolled, shall be issued by the respective faculty an affidavit required for the residence in Romania;

  4. "Free mover" students not coming within the framework of any cooperation agreement shall be considered self sponsored students (will need a letter of Acceptance from the Ministry of Education and will pay a tuition fee).


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