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Bachelor Studies

Admission procedure for self-sponsored NON-EU citizens


Registration period: April 1st, 2022 – August 19th, 2022 (within the limit of available programs)

Early registration is recommended in order to:

  • make sure you can apply for the chosen program (the places are limited for each specialization)
  • get an early response from the Ministry of Education and Embassy
  • start school on the official date of opening and this way increase the chances of passing the exams
  • have access to (better) accommodation (the number of student accommodation places is limited)


APPLICATION PROCESS – good to know before applying:

All candidates will apply ONLINE, through the online admission platform for international students. To access the platform please follow the link: admission.cci.ubbcluj.ro

Before applying you need to:

  1. check bellow the list of required documents and make sure you hold all the documents needed
  2. please read carefully the instructions for completing the online application in the document Instructions for online admission platform
  3. choose the specialization you want to study; the list of programs and the tuition fees can be found in the document

Academic Offer for International Students Undergraduate Level 2022-2023 Academic Year

Important!! The available places are limited for each program. The available specializations are visible at the time you apply online.

ADMISSION PROCESS – step by step:

The admission process of Non-EU candidates takes the following steps:

  1. Register on the online admission platform admission.cci.ubbcluj.ro
  2. Fill in the Application form on admission.cci.ubbcluj.ro following the instruction in document Instructions for online admission platform.pdf (ubbcluj.ro)
  3. Download and sign the complete Application form
  4. Upload ONE single PDF file comprising all required documents from bellow list, placing the documents in the same order.

After filling in the Application form you have 24 hours to upload your complete application file, otherwise your Application Form will be deleted and you will need to fill in again choosing from the available specializations at that moment.

  • Wait for a response, check and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS GIVEN BY THE PLATFORM
  • The complete application file is registered at the university (we do not accept incomplete applications)
  • The application file is processed by the university (5-10 working days)
  • The files accepted by the university will be sent to the Ministry of National Education for evaluation
  • For the candidates accepted, the Ministry of National Education will issue an Acceptance Letter, which will be sent in original to the university (30-40 working days)

Please read carefully the document Steps to follow after receiving the Letter of Acceptance

  1. The university will inform the candidate about the acceptance and will upload it on the admission platform. If requested the Acceptance Letter may be sent to the candidate
  2. Each candidate has to confirm that he/she accepts to enroll at Babes-Bolyai University, by uploading the receipt attesting the payment of the tuition fee for the 1st academic year. The university will issue and upload on the platform a confirmation of payment for each candidate
  3. After receiving the Acceptance Letter (and proof of payment and accommodation if requested), the candidate must contact the closest Romanian authority and search for information concerning the study visa application. The visa application is a personal approach and the university is not in the position to interfere in the process. In case the visa application includes some documents issued by the university, the candidate must require specifically those documents.
  4. According to the legislation, the application for study visa should be submitted with at least 2-3 months before the beginning of the academic year, that is why we advise all candidates to do their best to submit a complete application for visa immediately after receiving the letter of acceptance from us.
  5. If granted a visa the candidate is requested to inform the university regarding his/her date or arrival and request for accommodation (if needed).
  6. For enrollment at the faculty the student must submit the original study documents and the proof of tuition fees payment for the first academic year.

! Please take into account that the procedure may change due to the regulations imposed by the Romanian Ministry of Education.


The application file need to be uploaded in ONE single PDF file comprising all required documents from bellow, placing the documents in the same order:

  1. Application form –  online application form, which you fill in through the online platform admission.cci.ubbcluj.ro

The complete application form will be available in the Documents menu in your account, you may download it and sign it

  • passport copy – valid for at least 6 months after the date of issue of the Acceptance Letter
  • high-school graduation diploma or its equivalent – certified copy* in the original language and certified translation, at notary public (in Romanian, English or French, if the original is not issued in one of theselanguages).

Please check if your High School certificate is eligible in the document List of Accepted High School Certificates 

For diploma issued in NIGERIA it is compulsory to provide copy (both sides) of:

  • NECO Results Card for Senior School Certificate issued by NECO


  • WAEC Scratch Card for West African Senior School Certificate
  • transcript of records pertaining to the previous studies – certified copy* in the original language and certified translation at notary public (in Romanian, English or French, if the original is not issued in one of these languages).
  • birth certificate – certified copy* in the original language and certified translation at notary public (in Romanian, English or French, if the original is not issued in one of these languages).
  • medical certificate (in Romanian, English or French) attesting that the applicant does not suffer from any contagious diseases or any other affections incompatible with the future profession.
  • language proficiency certificate: exempted are the candidates
  • coming from states whose official language is the study language of the program they have applied for
  • who can prove with documents that they have studied for at least 4 years’ academic programs in the study language of the program they have applied for
  • applying for Preparatory Year of Romanian Language

For further details regarding the language certificates accepted by the university, please check out the document Linguistic Competences for Candidates

  • receipt attesting the payment of the processing fee (50 EUR – in EUR – account: RO 16 RNCB 0106026604700008, opened at Banca Comerciala Romana, branch Cluj-Napoca, str. George Baritiu nr. 10 – 12,RO – 400027 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, SWIFT CODE: RNCBROBU).

Online payment of the processing fee available at the following link: UBB Events (ubbcluj.ro)

* certified copy – the copy of the original document must be certified/legalized/attested by the entitled authorities. For the countries that are members of The Hague Convention (HCCH | #12 – Status table) that Hague Apostille is required.


Scholarships offered by the Romanian State to foreign citizens through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

 Each year, the Romanian Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, provides a number of scholarships to citizens from non-EU countries. Only candidates having good results in education, respectively an average of the study years, for the last graduated school, of at least 7 (seven) corresponding to the scoring system in Romania or the “Good” score, as the case are eligible.

 For further details regarding the eligibility conditions, please check Information on the Scholarship Programme.

 Applicants may select their study program of interest in all fields, with the exception of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy. For Bachelor and Master, only study programs in Romanian language are available, thus promoting the Romanian language and culture. However, at PhD level, applicants can also opt for a program in English or a foreign language set by the doctoral school.    A preparatory year in Romanian is also granted prior to enrolling in the study program of choice, for those not speaking Romanian language. The required documents include diplomas, transcripts, birth certificate and passport, CV – all described in the application process.

 The scholarship application can be sent ONLY through the Study in Romania platform.

Candidates can access the platform at https://studyinromania.gov.ro, via the Apply for MFA scholarships button, or directly at https://scholarships.studyinromania.gov.ro.

Applications can be submitted between 20 December 2021 and 15 March 2022, with the selection results being announced on 15 July 2022. Upon selection, additional formalities, such as obtaining a visa, will be required.