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The platform is dedicated to degree seeking (full-time) international students and incoming exchange students (except for Erasmus students).

Want to know more about what it’s like to be an international student at the Babeș-Bolyai University?

You are very excited about starting your student life in a new environment, but also have a lot of questions and concerns?


Campus accommodation for self-sponsored non-EU students – during the academic year

The university offers accommodation for international students in student dormitory. The number of places is limited, so be sure you apply in time.

Self-sponsored international students will apply through the Centre for International Cooperation,

  • starting with June for the next academic year if already enrolled student, 
  • after receiving the visa if future student.

For more details, read the section ACCOMMODATION, in the document Information for The International Applicants –After They Received the Acceptance Letter

Summer campus accommodation – for self-sponsored non-EU students

Accommodation during the summer is available upon request for international students who:

  • will be enrolled as a student also in the academic year after
  • cannot return home for the school holiday
  • have paid all the fees in time (have no debts)
  • apply for summer accommodation in time

In order to obtain accommodation for this period please apply in June on the online accommodation platform.

UBB on campus accommodation booklet

Starting the university means a lot of exciting changes. New places, new people, perhaps living on your own for the first time. Your new adventure starts here and this accommodation booklet will provide you with all the information you need in order to start feeling like home as soon as possible.

Renting an apartment

If you want to rent an apartment or a house in the city we strongly advise you to contact a real-estate agency (agenţie imobiliară). They can provide you with information about the most interesting offers on the market. You will have to sign a contract with them in which you agree to pay a commission fee, usually 50% of the rent for 1 month. You can find a two-room flat at 200 – 350 EUR per month. It may or may not be furnished. You will have to pay separately for all utilities: water, electricity, gas, telephone, etc. A deposit representing the rent for the first three months is usually required. It will be refunded at the end of your stay, provided that you leave the flat in good condition.

You should sign a contract with the landlord and this should be registered at the Financial Administration (1, Avram Iancu Square).

NOTE: in case you decide to rent an apartment, it is imperative that you sign a contract and have it registered at the administration, because you will need it in order to apply for the temporary residence permit.

Of course, there are also other ways to find out what’s on the market (OLX.ro, Foreign students Cluj Napoca – Facebook group, etc)

Other category of international student

Students from EU countries, governmental scholarship (NonEU) students, ethnic Romanian students (through the program “Românii de pretutindeni”) will request accommodation through the faculty they are enrolled at. Please contact the faculty and apply for accommodation in time.


Self-sponsored non-EU students

Non-EU residence permit is valid for the entire duration of your studies (bachelor or master). Please check the residence permit procedure at the following link: http://igi.mai.gov.ro/en/content/residence-permit

Attention! Your VISA is valid for a limited time period. Within the first 30 days after you enter Romania, you will have to apply for a temporary residence card. The entire application process is your responsibility.

The application can be done online, by uploading the documents at the following link: https://portaligi.mai.gov.ro/portaligi/.

After you submit the documents online, the employers the of the Romanian Immigration Office will send you the confirmation/clarification message and the appointment details for submission of the printed documents.

The students from the Preparatory year need to apply for a new Letter of Acceptance and reapply for the Residence Permit after they receive the Letter of Acceptance.

The Romanian legislation will allow you to work 4 hours/day. The University is not offering jobs for the students.

For additional information, please see our freshman guide, designed to help you form a general idea about how the higher education system in Romania works and to assist you in better understanding the structure and the facilities offered by Babeș-Bolyai University. You can download it here:


Documents required for registration for European Citizens

  • Certificate issued by the faculty (secretary office)
  • Original and photocopy of the Passport or ID card
  • Medical certificate
  • Application form
  • Fees: 2 RON paid at Taxes and Fees Office at 1-2, Unirii Square (keep the receipt!)

The schedule of the Office for Immigration, Cluj

53-55, Alexandru Vaida Voievod Street (Iulius MALL Complex; Phone: 0264.555 656):

Monday – Friday: 8:30 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. (submit the documents)

Monday – Friday (except Wednesday): 2:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. (release of the temporary residence permit)

Scholarship students

Documents for residence permit must be submitted with 30 days before the expiry of the study visa

  • application
  • document for crossing the border (Passport, travel document, etc.) in original and in copy;
  • copy of the letter of acceptance for studies
  • certificate issued by the education institution;
  • proof of the legal ownership (rental contract) over the dwelling space (in original and in copy);
  • medical certificate; 

Document deposition: M to F 10-12

Document liberation: M, T, Th, F – 14-16.30; W – 14 – 18.30

Address of the Romanian Office for Imigration Cluj

51-53, Alexandru Vaida Voievod street (Complex Iulius Mall) Cluj

Phone: 0040 264 555656

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