Centrul de Cooperări Internaționale

Cultural centres

Babeș-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca is a multicultural, inclusive public higher education institution, which, beginning with 1991, has been establishing and hosting international cultural centres, institutes and libraries representing all cultures of the world, thus highlighting the strategic partnerships of our university.

Due to its geographical position and historical background, multiculturalism and plurilingualism have been two of the most important and cherished features of BBU. It seems only natural that we should harbour representative facilities of each culture that has contributed so greatly to our growth in the region and globally. These facilities have been established with the support of foreign centres, universities, embassies, foundations and other national and international stakeholders.

The cultural centres, institutes and libraries established at BBU each have their own activities and programmes, addressed to the BBU students, as well as the general public of Cluj-Napoca. They come together during the annual Days of Cluj festival (Zilele Clujului), in joint publications and joint promotional activities all throughout the year.

You may peruse the brochure below for further information on activities, important outcomes and contact details of each such branch.

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