Join Our Student-Initiated WhatsApp Group for Non-EU UBB Students

Join Our Student-Initiated WhatsApp Group for Non-EU UBB Students

Embarking on an educational journey at UBB can be an exhilarating experience, especially for our international student community. With new horizons to explore, it can also bring a set of unique challenges. Recognizing this, one of our proactive international students has taken a fantastic initiative to create a dedicated WhatsApp group for non-EU students. This group is a grassroots effort to foster a sense of belonging and solidarity among students from diverse backgrounds.

What is the WhatsApp Group About?

  • Peer-to-Peer Support: Created by students for students, this group is a space to support each other through shared experiences and collective wisdom.
  • Information Sharing: Whether it’s about navigating university life or discovering the city’s best spots, this group allows for a free flow of information that can help in daily student life.
  • Cultural Exchange: Celebrate the diversity that each student brings to the table, learn about different cultures, and share your own.
  • Networking: Make new friends, meet study partners, and perhaps even future colleagues. This group is a starting point for building valuable connections.

Join the Conversation

Getting involved is easy. There’s no formal moderation, giving you the freedom to engage openly in conversations. Simply scan the QR code attached to this article or access this link to join the group. Introduce yourself and start connecting with your peers.

We believe that every student has something unique to contribute, and through this group, we can all learn from one another and make our time at UBB as enriching as possible.

Note: This group is self-governed and based on mutual respect. We count on each member to maintain the friendly and supportive ethos of the group.

This WhatsApp group is more than just a messaging platform—it’s a growing community where every non-EU student at UBB can feel included and empowered. So, scan the QR code, take the leap, and be part of a community that’s as vibrant as it is diverse. Welcome aboard!

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