Virtual Course Offer Summer Semester 2023

Virtual Course Offer Summer Semester 2023

University of Siegen, Germany

The University of Siegen is launching a pilot program for Virtual Mobility in the summer term 2023 (April to July), in which students from partner universities can virtually attend courses and receive credits.

In order for you to take part in the courses, you will need to apply in our online portal MoveOn. Once you have submitted your application, you will hear from us whether you have been admitted to the online course. The classes are offered as hybrids, they are offered in-person in Siegen and virtual students have the opportunity to join in.…/courses/virtualcourses.html

Students need to be nominated by their home university.

Once nominations are accepted, students receive an invitation to apply online via moveon.

Nomination deadline:

  • Winter Semester or Academic Year: April 15
  • Summer Semester: October 15

Please write an email before April 15th 2023 to: to be nominated.

MarburgOnline: VirtualExchange 

MO:VE  is a great opportunity to take courses at Philipps-Universität Marburg and improve intercultural competences without the need to go abroad.

Participants can:

  • Take online-classes in various subjects
  • Attend our virtual Orientation Program for international students
  • Take online German language classes
  • Get credits and a Transcript of Records
  • Work with German and international students

MO:VE is free of charge for UBB students.

When? April – July 2023 (4 months)

Target audience: Students of all subjects (Fluency in German is no prerequisite for many courses; some classes are taught in English.)

Registration deadline: March 19, 2023

Website and Registration Link:

Contact information:

Interested students please contact to be nominated for the virtual mobility.

PH Zurich Summer School in Switzerland from 19 June until 7 July 2023

Participants: International and Swiss students in educational sciences and/or teacher education (Bachelor and Master) with at least one year of full-time studies.

Language requirement

Fluent in English (level B2 according to the European language levels CEFR*)

Students from PH Zurich partner universities should be nominated by their home institution for the reduced program fee by 1 March 2023. Please write an email to: to be nominated.

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