EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation

The programme VULCANUS IN JAPAN offers industrial placements in companies in Japan to EU and SMP-Cosme university students of engineering, high-tech or other scientific fields, enrolled when applying- in between the 4th official year of studies and the penultimate year of PhD.

The programme lasts one year, from September 2023 to August 2024.
You will find more information for your attention in the documents listed below.

Applications must be submitted online, by 20 January 2023.

Below, all the relevant links with information on the programme and on the application process.

Info on what is the Vulcanus Programme
Description (Vulcanus webpage)
Flyer with QR code
Flyer in English
Statistics (visual)
Video testimonials in English from former participants:

Info on the application process
How to apply (& compulsory docs)
Application form
Frenquently asked questions


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